International Enterprise: a world of opportunities
Identifying and analysing new markets
Internationalisation strategies
Business development (looking for new joint ventures, acquisitions, partnerships and local distributors) to access new markets
Foreign set-ups and start-ups
Involving both production and marketing delocalisation
Managing recruiting and training staff abroad
Managing import-export procedures to ensure efficiency and minimise custom duties
Relations with banks to ensure financial sustainability for projects for expansion and growth and financial and economic stability for an enterprise
Preparation of the material required in presentations of projects to banks or investors
Mergers and Acquisitions
→ Analysis of target company’s financial situation
→ Analysis of past performances
→ Analysis and assessment of business plan and industrial development plan
→ Assessment of the financial impact of the transaction
→ Assistance in negotiations and drawing up contract clauses
→ Assistance and support for accounting and financial integration
→ Preliminary study of the transaction
→ Drawing up of a business plan and an industrial plan
→ Assessment of the financial impact of the transaction
→ Assistance in negotiating the transfer agreement throughout all the stages involved


Project Financing
→ Analysis and verification of the financial sustainability of specific investments
→ Support for bankability of investment projects and presentation to banks
→ Overseeing of financial parameters and covenants in order to ensure correct cash-flow generation and full satisfaction for involved stakeholders
Corporate Reorganisation
→ “As is” financial diagnosis
→ Actions to oversee company liquidity and solvency
→ Detailed forecast of cash flows: assessment of short-, mid- and long-term cash needs. Implementation of activities to increase cash management efficiency
→ Messa in essere di attività atte ad aumentare l’efficienza nella gestione del circolante
→ Preparation of a rebalancing plan: analysis of business model and financial performance, definition of new business management routines, sharing and overseeing the financial objectives to achieve
→ Assistance in negotiating with banks
→ Analysis of the strategic / legal options that could be implemented to deal with financial crises and relative financial impact for both the business and entrepreneur.
→ Rationalisation of the cost structure and relative monitoring
→ Adaptation of corporate structure in relation to development of both the company and its business (expansion, internationalisation, merger or acquisition)
→ Modelling of an efficient management control system that matches the specific business turnover and organisational complexity to ensure company’s situation is always under control


→ Open, delocalise and do business in India/span>
→ Operational Branch in Mumbai, with Italian-Swiss staff
→ Call for an initial talk through which to identify and understand your needs

→ Needs analysis
→ Cost and feasibility analysis
→ Staff selection
→ Timescale estimate
→ Company start-up advice
→ On-going management services